Logo and Trademark

Requirement for Vriksh Certification Mark standard by Certificate Holders

This standard is designed to allow companies trading in illegally harvested wood. Following four aspects of legality have been covered under this Standard:

  • Legal right to harvest
  • Compliance with the legislation related to forest management, environment, labour and welfare, health and safety
  • Compliance with legislation related to taxes and royalties
  • Compliance with the requirements for trade and export and procedures

It is a guide on the usage of Vriksh certification Mark (logo) and its name (text). It covers how to use the Vriksh trademark On-product as well as Off-product i.e. for promotional activities.

The Vriksh certification mark incorporates the following elements:

  • the VRIKSH graphic element
  • the VRIKSH certification number
  • The trademark/copyright symbol


  • Any Party wishing to use this trademark on any material that will be seen by consumers (i.e. Business to consumer communication, called (“Consumer facing “) must hold a certification to do so from EPCH
  • The VRIKSH certified organizations need to take prior approval from the certification bodies on their usage of the logo
  • Organization can send their label for approval as per their requirement along with to the certification body
  • Approval records should be kept for 5 years
  • Certification code should accompany trademark either for promotional or product usage
  • EPCH reserves the right to terminate permission to use the VRIKSH logo in case organization fails to meet the standard requirement of logo and certification mark
  • Use of the trademark should not directly or indirectly convey any other claim on the product. For example, LOGO should not mislead the customers that it is meant for sustainable teak, pollution control, etc.
  • VRIKSH logo should not give impression that it is participating in or is responsible for the activities performed by the organization which is not covered in the scope of VRIKSH certification
  • VRIKSH certification mark should not be a part of company’s website domain, company name or brand name, the certification mark can only be used to describe the product certification
  • VRIKSH certification mark under no circumstances be replaced by any other language


A. Using the VRIKSH labels on products:

  • VRIKSH logo used for packaging should be clearly visible
  • Certification code should be visible in logo

B. Promotional Use of the VRIKSH Certification Marks:

  • Organizations can use their VRIKSH certification mark for the promotion of their organization
  • They can use the logo on their website, company brochures and other promotional materials
  • VRIKSH trademarks can be used for the promotion at the Trade Fairs. The organization shall clearly mark which products are VRIKSH products and Product should carry an ‘on-product’ label.


  • Avoid the use of any reference to VRIKSH, either on-product or off-product that in any way is misaligned to the certification granted, or in reference to products/species that were not included within the certification scope.
  • The VRIKSH certification mark is not transferable for use by third parties without the written consent of EPCH
  • Under no circumstances should the VRIKSH certification mark be used in conjunction with non-certified products, in any manner other than explicitly authorized by certification body/EPCH in this guidance document, or otherwise authorized in writing
  • VRIKSH certification mark should be able to explicitly express the purpose for which it is being used and not creating any misleading claims.