Logo and Labeling


The label provides information relating to the origin of forest based product in sustainable managed forest and other non controversial sources. Purchasers and potential purchasers can use this information in choosing the product based on environmental, as well as other considerations. The overall goal of the logo / label usage is, through communication of accurate and verifiable information that is not misleading, to encourage demand for and supply of those products originating from legally harvested sources and thereby stimulating the potential for market-driven continuous improvement of the world’s forest resource.

Terms and Definitions

  • Off-product usage:
    The use other than on-product usage which is not referring to a specific product and the origin of raw material Like promotional Events , Banners , Cards , Company brochures etc.
  • On Product usage :
    The use directly on tangible products themselves (unpack-aged products), products in individual packaging, containers, wrapping, etc. or on large boxes, crates, etc. used for transportation of products;
  • The use on documentation associated to the product (e.g. invoice, packaging list, advertisement, brochure, etc.) where the use of the” VRIKSH “Logo refers to the particular products.

Roles regarding usage of logos and Labels.

  • By EPCH
  • By Certification Bodies
  • By Companies .

Basic structure of labels( To be provided by EPCH )

  • Color and Font
  • Format and Size
  • Label Text
  • Several languages in a label