How to Apply

Certification process will be done by independent third party certification bodies . The process will be as follows

Step 1. Application

Upon receipt of organization application, Certification bodies will prepare the proposal for their approval as per the cost decided by Export promotional council for handicrafts .Returning the signed work order starts the process.

Step 2. Pre Assessments / Scoping

In this the Certification Body will inform the organization what preparation are required by the organization to comply with the standards .

Step 3. GAP identification

Certification body analysis the organizations operational procedures and identifies the gap between their procedures and standard requirements.

Step 4. Main Assessment

Auditor Visits the sites where the VRIKSH material will be handled, and Checks compliance against the standard requirements.

Step 5. Reporting

After the audit and Records Review , Auditor will prepare the report of his findings and if the corrective action is required , applicant will be given prescribed amount of time to make the corrections .

Step 6. Certification Decision

Certification body will make a certification decision based on the auditor 's findings.

Step 7. Surveillance assessments

Annual Onside audits are required to maintain certification. Certification body also holds the right to conduct short notice inspection of client 's facilities.