The EPCH " VRIKSH " timber legality assessment and verification standard for verification of legality and legal origin of wood and wooden products is intended for entities who want to accurately track and make claims about the legal origin and transport of their products .

Its is intended to track " VRIKSH " timber products but can also be used to track timber products verified to other legal origin standards , under mutual recognition . The transformation of timber from the standing tree to a final product will often involve several types of organizations who take legal ownership of a product through a supply chain . Each legal owner who makes a " VRIKSH " business to business legality claims about their product shall be assessed by EPCH and /or its authorized certification body on their conformance to the principles of this standard . Types of organizations that would be interested in utilizing this standards include .

  • Forest / Harvest site Manager.
  • Harvester /Logger
  • Consolidator / Concentration yard
  • Primary manufacturer timber supply chain
  • Secondary Manufacturer
  • Broker/ Importer / Exporter

Fulfillment of the Chain of Custody requirements included in this standard will demonstrate the ability of the organizations to accurately track " Vriksh " Verified Timber products received from recognized Supply chain participants through their internal processes in order to make accurate claims to their customers about the products ‘legal origins. It also fulfills the " Due Diligence " or " Due Care " Of international regulations .